Here is a video I am featuring with Annie  Andre it will help you Promoting your blog by how to make videos less boring. A big thank Promoting your blog how to make videos less boringyou goes to Adrienne Smith for providing this video as a guest blog 5 Easy Editing Techniques To Make Your YouTube Videos Less Boring. Adrienne has a wonderful blog that is worth visiting, she is the “queen of connecting”.

Promoting your blog…… How to Make Videos Less Boring

Promoting your blog…… How to Make Videos Less Boring Links:

Web based editing software

Editing Software Annie uses: Sony Vegas Pro

Mac Editing software IMovie

Free Windows Editing Software

Screen capture Software Camtasia

Promoting your blog…… How to Make Videos Less Boring

Wow that was a way cool video! So well organized and communicated in a way that held my attention and I understood exactly what she meant. …..” A cut” sounds so boring but she used a visual and humorous explanation of what it was and wasn’t.

My take away is the “reason” behind each of the 5 techniques. “Re capture the viewers attention” ….. because of their short attention span. What technique will best do that to help the viewer learn what I want them to learn?

Now that I have Been taught so well it is time for me to make a video that captures peoples attention. …No I haven’t done my own video yet.  ….OK now help me figure out a technique that will trick us on the fence walkers to jump in and make things happen…… like make a video! ;) Some of us have to trick our selves. …. Sounds a little weird tho…. -gotta do what works.

Thanks again for the inspiration, explanation and techniques, Annie. Leave you thoughts about this video and ideas to use these techniques.

Promoting your Blog ... How to Make Your Video Less BoringMy Best to you,

Stephen Peters

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Do you ever need ever need a kick in the pants to get moving, I do, that is what this video “Stop Saying Your FINE ….. Improve Self motivation techniques” is about. I am featuring Mel Robbins with this video in a dynamic presentation to get you moving. That is what self

Improve Self motivation techniques

Improve Self motivation techniques ..... Stop Saying you're fine

motivation is about …action.

Stop Saying Your FINE ….. Improve Self motivation techniques

Stop Saying Your FINE ….. Improve Self motivation techniques

I’ll tell you this one hit me right between the eyes. So what do you think? Are you thinking about trying to stop saying your fine. I am working on it. ;)   It really takes some effort when we have it so ingrained in our auto pilot response. However I am on a quest to improve my self motivation and Mel has some good techniques to help get us there.

So tell me do you have some other ideas that get you moving? This is a good way to get the ball a rolling by stop saying your fine …. improve self motivation techniques.

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Lollipop Moment ... For Leaders Only


Have you found your outrageously funny lollipop moment…for leaders only? Are you really a leader and nobody told you yet. Are you waiting to be told before your the leader you were meant to be. On this video I am featuring Drew Dudley, the hatted lollipop man. You’re going to love this short 6 min. video. I’m calling it:

Lollipop Moment … For Leaders Only

Lollipop Moment … For Leaders Only

Lollipop Moment for leaders onlySo tell me what did you think? Doesn’t Drew Dudley have a great message? I have seen leadership in the hug of a child. The smile of a stranger. Have you had a Lollipop moment? Do you even like lollipops? I would love to hear about it. Now it is Your turn… why not write what’s on your mind in the comments! What about your lollipop moment for leaders only

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What to blog about is easy!

What to Blog About

Sometimes it is easy to think that you are stumped on what to blog about. Don’t let it happen, there are so many thing to talk about and that is what a blog really is, like talking to a friend. It may feel that way when it isn’t true at all.

What to blog about … the list

These are some ideas to get you thinking what to blog about

  • What makes you come alive? What do you love to do?what to blog about
  • What have you seen that is new?
  • Look at the comments on you blog….what are the questions there? Do you have any email questions that could work into an article what to blog about?
  • Check out Google analytics on your blog and select a month to view your top 10 blogs. and check through those for two idea out of each top post to expand on.
  • What are you interested to learn more about? Research it! And record your learning as you go and share that on your blog.
  • Look through Facebook, twitter, Digg and the other social media what are they talking about? Any ideas of what to blog about?
  • Think of problems that your customers or readers may have, and figure out how to solve it for them.
  • Sit down with a piece of paper and just start writing …. like what you don’t know what to write about. what would people like to see ? what would they like to hear? keep writing ….. before you know it you will know what to blog about.
  • Are there any products your readers should avoid?
  • What have you had fun writing about?
  • Think about your success and how can your readers can repeat your success?
  • What is a consistant mistake you see others do that you can steer people away from?
  • open up and share some of your mistakes that others should avoid. Tell the story. How did you feel?
  • What are some problems that your niche faces help them solve it.
  • What are some tool or resources that could help your niche or market?
  • What are some ideas or terminology that may need to be explained or made clearer?
  • Think of a common assumption that you could blast as a myth.
  • What is a search term your site is being found for. Write on that topic!
  • Use Google Adwords to find relevant keywords that you can rank for.

                 What to blog about

  • What haven’t you written about in your niche?
  • What are some questions that you could use to get comments or a discussion going.
  • What are some of your natural talents or abilities? I’m sure you know something that others would like to know. What is “what to blog about”.
  • Do you know of any current debates or topic that you could build on.
  • Do you have any older blog post that could be updated?
  • What activities do the gurus do that newcomers could learn to do?
  • Give a game plan for newbies to get a fast start.
  • What would give your read inspiration?what to blog about
  • Are there any changes coming or recent ones in your niche that your readers could need help with?
  • Write about a successful person or business that a lesson could be learned form.
  • Be silly! be you! Let your personality out.
  • Make a list for a rainy day of what to blog about.
  • How about time management – how to get organized.
  • Share a good cause that could use a boost. They all need help.
  • How to handle money. How to get more money
  • Something interesting about your mentor.
  • Do a survey.
  • A self help ideas.
  • Do an interview of some one.
  • Write a story about one of your students.
  • Write about something that makes your blood boil.
  • Review a product or another blog.
  • What can you make money from.
  • On page SEO

What to blog about … Thats a start

I am sure that there are many more ideas that you may have that can be added to this list. This is what I want you to do, pick one idea, and write about it. And remember, what to blog about is easy.

Stephen PetersTo your success,

Stephen Peters


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Got up this morning, I wasn’t even thinking about how to get more money. It was dark, so I looked out the window and all I could see was …. nothing, nothing at all my neighbors house was gone! Is there something wrong with my eyes!? Then I saw it, it was right in front of me. Plain for me to see. My eyes were definitely ok, and it was as big as day! So hugh how could I have missed it, so hugh it made me feel like an ant crawling on the ground about to smashed by the biggest foot I had ever seen. I was face to face with the heaviest fog that I have seen for some time. It got me to thinking how many times there is something on our door step, just waiting for us to take hold of and we just don’t see it. We keep wondering “How to get more money“, How will I ever get out of this rut. Your about to hear something I have never told before.

How to Get More Money – in Less Than a Week

It was my first week in my primary company. I was writing articles once a day to get traffic to my site (maybe I should do more like that now) ;) . I was wondering when will it happen? Is there a way -how to get more money? Will it be today? I hope I made the right decision!

How to get more money -in less than a week

Then it happened what I was waiting for. In less than a week I had sponsored my first person into the business. Holy moley I do know how to get more money! I was so excited! Oh no How to get more moneywhat do I do now? What if they ask me something? How should I get them started? All this stuff was whirling in my head and at the very same time I had appointment I needed leave for. So I sat down to email my new rep the info she needed, give her a welcome call and reassure her that she had signed in properly.

How to get more money

Then I realized that I had missed my appointment in all the hubbub and excitement. Now I need to repair that damage ops, well life does go on.

Wow way cool my first down line and in only a week. Now this is how to get more Money. It must have been because I did such a great job selling. Uh…no! Well she must have liked my writing style? No again it really didn’t have any thing to do with me, other than just taking action.

Making the posts setting the links. Well the real fact is that when I talked to her she said “no offense here but I thought I was joining with someone else, but it’s ok”. What a way to start out! But you know non of us are Superwoman or Superman when we start out new in this business.

You just have to start where you are and there will be mistakes along the way. Some maybe devastating other will benefit you you just don’t know till you try and see how to get more money. Will you get money in a week? Some do, some don’t and some way faster. The aim in How to get more money is action, move, take a step, put locomotion in the train, paddle the boat. Have you ever noticed it is easier to get your train load to its destination when it moving. Some of the action will be skilful some will be blunders but they all will teach you How to get more money.

Stephen PetersTo your success,

Stephen Peters


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